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Monday, 6 February 2012


Updated 1st January 2018

Some older links in this article have been removed from the internet, due to the closure of Exaro.

However, some new links are now available relating to THE KINCORA SCANDAL.

Make no mistake, a KINCORA SCANDAL is happening in every country in the world even in 2018!!





This is a picture of an individual most people will never have heard of.  Here is a short satirical snippet about him. It is titled "10 Seconds with Brian Eley."

If you were to say to most people in N.Ireland, “Google the name “Brian Eley chess” and spend 30 mins reading the information available about him on various forums, then tell me what conclusion you reach?”

This is the reaction you would get after the 30 mins was up. 

Most people after reading the information on the forums about Eley would conclude he was and possibly still is a member of MI5 or MI6.  That would explain why he has never been apprehended.


He may not be a member of those organisations but he is someone who has worked for them in the past.
That would explain why he has never been apprehended.

Easy isn`t?  Seems to be a reluctance to mention the matter in the British chess world. The “British” MSM whores don`t seem interested in it either.  It would make a good documentary don`t you think!

I had never heard of the guy till last year, I was informed about him during a short conversation with a British chess player.  I now regard Brian Eley as "The William McGrath of British Chess." lol lol lol

As this article gets lot of hits I have decide to update it a bit.

Since this was first published on the 6/2/2012, quite a lot of evidence about Kincora, William McGrath and the actions of MI5 and MI6 using and covering up paedo rings has come into the public domain.

You can view the videos below.

It is being reported that CNN are to broadcast a special news article featuring Richard Kerr talking about Kincora and the VIP paedo rings next week sometime.

3 Parts of a BBC investigative documentary from 1 year ago.

1 Cor 14:20 Brethren, be not children in understanding: howbeit in malice be ye children, but in understanding be men.

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