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Thursday, 16 February 2012


Does anyone know how to contact Kenneth Branagh?  He just has to put this one the stage or the big screen. What about the title, "It`s too late to talk to PopeLundy?" lol lol lol lol lol  

A Michiavellian drama is currently taking place which dwarfs any of the malevolent scheming scenarios Shakespeare ever dreamed up.  It makes Macbeth look like the Girl Guides.  Instead of Macbeth we could call it Maclundy!

Just imagine the incredible storyline. A certain PopeLundy betrays everything he has ever stood for at the urging of his evil wife "the Baroness."  He is emboldened in his treachery by the support of his moronic and greedy offspring.   

Many of his former minions who owe their "success" to PopeLundy eagerly agree to support him in his mad, criminal quest for worldwide popularity.

The whole thing goes without a hitch as PopeLundy carries out his scheme by winning the support of his vast number of "followers," many of whom worship him  as "their God" or as a "Prophet" of some sort.
However, just as PopeLundy is at the pinnacle of his carefully crafted sinister plan, the wheels start to come of the wagon.

His former servile Lundy minions now see what  treachery can do for you, so they enthusiastically take to it like a duck to water. In no time PopeLundy`s idiot son is brought down in disgrace by a carefully contrived scandal.  

This is quickly followed by PopeLundy himself exiting by the "silly sucker" exit. Ironically this takes place a short while after he had proclaimed he intended to be in situe for the next four years! 

Now, at this stage we may consider the "Merchant of Maclundy" may be a better title than the former one, Macbeth!

You see there now quite a few former disgruntled "followers" of Popelundy who are now patiently waiting to claim their "pound of flesh" as they watch from the sidelines anticipating the whole venture blowing up in Popelundy`s face.  

They are not very bright but they are wise enough to know when someone is praised by the VBC,UTV, Belfast Lundyletter, Belfast Telegraph, Westminster, then relegated to the "House of Lords," that particular "praised" individual is in fact DOOMED!

Into this heady mix of  skullduggery we can throw an amusing but highly malicious mendicant minstrel. This would help provide the background music. It adds a touch of sleaze as well because the minstrel happens to be a secret pervo!  

We could call him King Leer! or even King Queer! or even, if we wanted to be really musical King Creole Leer. This is a moot point no need to get worked up about it.

At this stage things get much worse for PopeLundy. His most servile and spineless followers amongst his retinue actually have the audacity to oust him from his pulpit in the Ichbod Memorial!!! It is unbelievable, thrown out of his own "Church."

A phony public show is  arranged to deceive the vast numbers of sheeple who have no idea what has gone on behind the scenes.  The Ichabod Memorial is filled with about 2,500 lowlife from all parts of the country. All seems to be ending well, then disaster well and truly strikes!

Popelundy just goes and almost dies!!! This cannot be allowed to happen. If he dies without God sending the great revival he claims God promised him everything will be undone. 

Popelundy will be exposed a FALSE PROPHET, every one supporting him will be exposed as a fraud and the watching former followers are now very, very angry and will be demanding a lot more than ONE mere pound of flesh.

The amazed public watch in ever more increasing amazement as the servile lundy wretches who ousted PopeLundy are now pleading for the public to pray for his recovery!!

The whole Popelundy family now feel they have been used and betrayed so they issue a secrecy embargo about Popelundy`s health. 

Things take a very,very,very ominous turn for the really, really, really worse when unthoughtful hospital staff designate the codename "FRED" to Popelundy.

In N.Ireland this is not a good sign. This is a well known codename/euphemism for carefully contrived and cultivated traitors! 

It is hinted plans are being made for a state funeral where PopeLundy will be lauded with the title "The Father of Peace" by an obsequious collection  of the lowest form of MSM media whoredom and moronic "political pundits." 

Suddenly Popelundy seems to recover, the show is back on the road again!  "Full steam ahead deception" is the order of the day once more.

This time the whole show is  set against the background of a ticking clock, with the lifespan of Popelundy on one hand and the promise of revival on the other.

The former followers are now a lot more than "a little angry" and will defintely be demanding a lot more than 1,000 pounds of flesh!

If Kenneth Branagh cannot make a success of a story like this, then I can only say, "It is too late to talk to Kenneth!"

Jeremiah 17:9
The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?

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