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Tuesday, 28 February 2012


Papal Knight Rupert Murdoch 
speaking at the Jesuit Georgetown University
Do nice guys ever get invited to Georgetown?

Cretinous MP`s, MSM scribblers, police officers and all shapes and sizes of  "opinion formers" have now managed to reach the conclusion Papal Knight Rupert Murdoch`s "media organisations" have been involved in major crime and have been having a corrupting influence on the nation.

If they had taken my advice from the start they would have known long before this Murdoch was involved in high level espionage on behalf of his Vatican masters.  

Knowledge is power and Murdoch has amassed a super store of knowledge about all the influential figures in the UK.

Most of the intelligence Murdoch has garnered is never going to be published, it is used to blackmail and intimidate so-called UK VIPs.
i.e.  Willie McLundy and Field Marshall Jeffrey Lundy!

An unimportant nobody will be exposed now and again to amuse the UK sheeple. However, all the important stuff is used to bend the VIP stooges to accommodate Murdoch`s wishes. Rest assured the same operations are being carried out in all other nations.

You see, there is "a city" which reigns over the "Kings of the earth," ammassing large stocks of information is just one of  strategies "the city" uses to keep VIP`s in awe of her!

A very shallow look at the Vatican

Why do you think it is the case that when the Antichrist wanted to visit the UK there was no outcry from so-called UK statesmen????

Why do you think UK Prime Ministers will go to war on behalf of the whims of the Vatican, such as in Iraq and Afghanistan?

Don`t be expecting any MP`s to expose Murdoch`s Vatican links, they are all too frightened!!

Rev 17:18 And the woman which thou sawest is that great city, which reigneth over the kings of the earth.

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