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Thursday, 1 March 2012


Within the last few days Chessbase.com has published a very interesting article exploring the possibility the religious roguery of the "Worldwide Church of God" had a detrimental effect on the  well being of the late Bobby Fischer.

This is something I have suspected for quite some time but I had never read any articles where this possibilty was explored in any depth.

The "Worldwide Church Of God" was a major exponent of "British Israelism." One of its key figures was the charlatan Herbert W Armstrong.
Herbert W Armstrong

The article is worth reading if you get the time as it looks at these matters from a secular viewpoint.

Here in N.Ireland quite a few people are sympathetic to the "British Israelite" message. I suspect at least two government ministers may hold BI views. However I would like to point out they most likely do not hold to the particular strain which is Anti-Semitic.  The most notorious BI exponent in N.Ireland was of course the infamous and mysterious William McGrath.

A debate flared up about this whole matter a number of years ago. It centered on the Biblical claims for and against "British Israelism." Here is a link where you can read the matter examined Biblically.

If you happen to think the information presented here covers all the subject, you are going to be disappointed.  There is something more to be added to the whole heady mix! Please read on.

Just to make the whole thing really interesting, I would like to inform you there are Jews in Jerusalem who share many of the British Israelite viewpoints, though their worldview is very different and they would strongly reject being linked with "British Israelism."

Once you have waded through all this stuff and analysed it, there is a very strong possibility you will have become as crazy as Bobby Fischer!!

2 Timothy 4:4
And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.

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