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Monday, 19 March 2012


You will be laughing all day if not longer after watching these clips!

Anyone who cares to research this particular piece of information may well come to the conclusion the KOBA (Kincora Old Boys Association) descent into fully functioning treachery commenced with the outing of Paul Berry.

It did not take PopeLundy1 long  to meet the Irish government once Paul Berry was outed did it?  You would soon grovel to the British and Irish governments once you found out your party was full of blackmailed fruits, adulterers, adultresses and greedy crooks wouldn`t you?

The bagpipe music in the clip above is a well known lament. It is called "The Lament of the blackmailed fruits" lol lol 

See how many seriously compromised "politicians" you can spot in the video clip? I will give you a clue, Paul Berry was not the the only fruit, he was just the least important one!

One of Unionism`s most hilarious episodes.
He was only going to get a sport`s massage???????????

Numbers 32:23
and be sure your sin will find you out.

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