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Tuesday, 20 September 2011


This article may be totally useless, on the other hand it may be of a help to someone in the future who has a credit card transaction problem.

After using Credit cards for many years, both in over the counter and internet transactions I have had my first experience of Credit card controversy.

This is a picture of the Ali Babba Hotel Gibraltar.

Due to a serious credit card overcharge by the Ali Babba Hotel in Gibraltar.  It seeks to hide its seamy side by posing as the "Caleta Hotel" in Gibraltar.  I have had to seek out legal advice as to how I can get my money back. 

The first stage is to contact the credit card company I used for the transaction.  After doing this, I now find the company in question has what is called "A Dispute Management Team."

Anyone who has a transaction problem has to write to this team supplying all available documentation to support their case.  I am now in the process of doing this, though the drawback is, I have to waste valuable time writing letters, hunting up the necessary documentation, making phonecalls and other irritating tasks, while the culprits responsible for this predicament carry on with their normal business.

My experience of the Gibraltar tourist board during this debacle is that they are of no virtual use. They merely exist to forward any communication I send to the Ali Babba hotel.

This is the Ali Babba Hotel when it tries to portray itself as the Caleta Hotel.
If you are ever planning to go to Gibraltar and intend on staying in the Ali Babba hotel my advice to you is this.  Never trust them with your credit card details, pay them by cheque or cash and make absolutely sure they understand how many nights you are booking in for.  They seem to have a mathematics problem in Gibraltar, they cannot tell the difference between six and twelve.

The Caleta Hotel hosts a very prestigious Chess tournament every year in January.  Gibraltar is a British military garrison base.  The main chess tournament is scheduled to take place at 3pm daily. Just imagine the chaotic secenario there would be if they received bomb scares around 4pm daily? Their Chess tournament would be in ruins!

Babylonianism is the main religious influence in Gibraltar.  They do have problems understanding the ten commandments. The Babylonian commandments and their Jesuit expounding of them is distinctly different from that of Biblical Christianity.  They teach it is right to steal in certain circumstances. Check it out for yourself if you do not believe me.

Exodus 20:15 Thou shalt not steal.

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