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Saturday, 17 September 2011


Which image do you think J118 should use to boost his electoral chances in the bankrupt, Vatican corrupted, failed Southern Irish statelet?
Plus, who do you think would be best actor to play J118 in a N.Ireland made, USA financed movie?

J118 the IRA/MI5 gunman? Is this the best image?

J118 the faithful servant of the Antichrist? Is this the best image?

J118 when charges against him were suspiciously dropped? Not a good sign is it?
Is this the best image?

J118 friend of PopeLundy1? Is this the best image?

I think it was just about two weeks ago J118 and Peter Pinniochio Punt were in the USA seeking to influence the big USA movie makers to invest more of their money and time in N.Ireland. 

There is a big story the movie makers could invest in. It is the story of how a lowlife from Londonderry gets involved with the "Irish Republican army, then" becomes a "British" agent, then a leader of IRA/MI5, then an elected Joint first minister of N.Ireland.

Eventually he reaches the stage were even he cannot believe the Irish people are so gullible, so he is emboldended to seek to become the "President" of Southern Ireland a totally bankrupt failed statelet owned by Germany, France and the UK.

The scriptwriters can have a field day providing a suitable movie ending, one that has a "social message" in it.  Scriptwriters are very big at concocting psuedo intellectual "social messages."

Psalm 9:17
The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God.

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