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Wednesday, 18 January 2012


Gibraltar Chess website makes the startling claim, "Every chess player in the world wants to play in Gibraltar this year to celebrate 10 years of chess......"
This is not exactly true! 
I for one have no wish to have anythng to do with the Ali Babba Hotel (they keep trying to call it the Caleta Hotel for some reason), or this tournament.  It would be more honestly run if it was organised by the UVF or UDA!

This is a picture of the thief who stole my money. He has been given an OBE, the greatest rogues in the UK are given OBE`s

Ali Babba OBE.
He has obviously been given the wrong kind of OBE!

This guy owns the Ali Babba Hotel which blatantly charged me 12 nights accomadation when I only booked for 6. Then boldly declared they would not refund me the the money which they have stolen!

The matter does not end there, there is the small issue of the very aggravating dealing which has to be gone through with the credit card company to try and claim the money back.

1. They need proof of the booking!
2. When I send them proof, they cannot read the documentary proof I emailed them because of "format problems."
3. When I post the documents by normal post they reply and tell me they need proof!
4. After a very irritating phone exchange I explain to them the accomodation dates are on the booking form!

This has been going on for several months!

Now I will have to wait for a further reply from the credit card company!
They will proably want details of when I booked the flights?
Then they will proabably want details of how long I booked my dog into Kennels for!

All this has to be endured because of  Ali Babba OBE`s greed!

Here is a photo snip of the booking form which I sent.  The date is from 23/01/11 until 29/01/11, six nights!  They must have serious problems with arithmetic in Gibraltar, they cannot tell the difference between 6 and 12! 
The Babylonian Roman Catholic Church which dominates Gibraltar must only teach the Gibraltarians the nine commandments!

They must leave this one out.

Thou shalt not STEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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