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Monday, 5 December 2011


An idea has been floated about having the voters directly elect the Lord Mayor for Belfast on the Remove Private Pike Facebook site.

This idea could remove the office of Lord Mayor out of the clutches of the money-grabbing, self-seeking, liars and deceivers which make up the political lowlife in Belfast City Council. 

There are thousands of possible candidates who could do a vastly superior job representing Belfast than the present bunch of  tenth-rate comedians who are rubbing their hands in greedy delight at the thought of one day being set into the Lord Mayorship.

Here are just three possiblities who could be presented to the public.

Pope Andy the first for Lord Mayor!

Big Mervyn for Lord Mayor!

Red Hand Luke for Lord Mayor!

You may as well get real comedians to do the job rather than the current bunch of accidental comedians!

Ecclesiastes 3:4 and a time to laugh;

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