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Monday, 7 February 2011


Peter is portraying himself as a "hardline loyalist" here.

An attempt is going to be made to reinvent Peter Punt most likely as some sort of "statesman." By the time this programme is over it will be clear to all but the densest of people Peter has been an MI5 assett for years. The VBC is doing the programme naturally.

That is why all the scandal he could be hit with never comes out via MSM. Just enough came out last year to ensure his compliance with the transfer of Policing and Justice powers.

Note how the pathway for negotiations was arrived at.
“We determined that it was necessary to negotiate because the stomach wasn’t there for the direct action.”

Presumably he means he, Harold McCusker and Frankie Millar (son in law of William McGrath of Kincora infamy) decided there was no stomach for direct action. I do remember telling PopeLundy1 what was in Peter and co`s "Task Force Report" he made a statement the next day saying, "there would be NO powersharing" and Peter`s report was binned.

Peter is the type of individual who if he was known to be a wife-beater, MSM would cover it up. Such is Peter`s importance to the ongoing betrayal of the Protestant community.

This is an amusing excerpt from the Belfast Lundyletter article.

"In the programme, the first minister says that one of his most controversial actions – leading an incursion into the Republic of Ireland at Clontibret in 1986 – was actually supposed to have been the work of Dr Paisley, now Lord Bannside.

Mr Robinson said: “Ian was actually supposed to do Clontibret but some friend had died in the United States and he had gone to the US for the funeral so I stepped in at that stage."

If I remember correctly a certain member of PopeLundy1`s family did type up all the directives/plans for the Clontibret invasion.

A description of the Kincora Old Boys Association.
Matthew 23:33
Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of hell?

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