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Saturday, 1 October 2011


During the week this story received quite a bit of coverage.  I tried to follow it the best I can but due to the very poor standard of N.Ireland media whoredom reporting I find it very difficult to grasp just what is going on.

My understanding is that there will be a gap of two years before the necessary legislation is passed to give the inquiry real teeth.  This gives the Babylonian establishment enough time to destroy all embarrassing documents and anything else which will prove damaging. 

The same applies to the "British" government.  As the inquiry is intended to include the Kincora scandal I am sure every chance to destroy any damaging revelations will be taken advantage of.

It would be intersting to know if the inquiry will permit "Foreign" intelligence agencies to give input to the inquiry?  I am sure there are a few "Foreign" intelligence agencies who have information which has never been made known to the British public.

In an attempt to fool the victims and the public something substantial is being done a sort of "ad hoc" forum is to be set up to get the whole thing started.  I am sceptical about the whole set up.

Anyone in their right senses knows Peter Punt and his colleagues are never seriously going to attempt to confront the Vatican criminal enterprise.  They have all too many skeltons in their own cupboards to even think about it. 

Another matter is quite starkly not being dealt with.  There is currently enough information in the public domain to immediately  arrest and question Sean Brady about his role covering his time on the abuse scene. No arrest or questioning will happen.

I do intend to follow this story very closely as I am sure many, many others are doing so as well but  the very low standard of N.Ireland "journalism" makes it difficult to actually know what is exactly going on.
I would be very glad to read comments from anyone who can enlighten men as to the current state of play in this ongoing story.

James 3:16
For where envying and strife is, there is confusion and every evil work.

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