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Wednesday, 8 December 2010


Slugger OToole has an article on this bizarre exercise in political hypocrisy. Nigel Lundy thinks he is being humorous here, he is describing his own political party, the Kincora Old Boys Association.

As for Cameron belittling football managers, he would do well to remember most football managers are guys from ordinary working class backgrounds who have done well for themselves because they wisely used the gift God has given to them.

I would not be surprised if Alec Ferguson has something to say about this.
If Brian Clough were still alive he most certainly would say something.

I can remember Bill Shankly saying in an interview years ago, "every good football team needs 3 Scotsmen to give it a bit of steel. BUT you cannot have any more than three or they will self-destruct by fighting with each other !!!!!!!!!!" I am surprised it is not on youtube.

This may be of interset to you MRS. News item one. Here is another which has just appeared online. News item two.

Romans 1:22
Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools,


mrs. said...

Sam . . thanks for the links.

Judging from the 28 comments posted in connection with the UTV article, Paisley denies links to paramilitaries, the readers aren't buying Paisley's latest lame and futile attempt to absolve himself of guilt by pro-actively and publicly distance himself from these groups.
I believe Pilate tried to do likewise.

He seems to have conveniently forgotten his well-known affiliation with TARA & UPV, not to mention his association with Wm. McGrath, convicted and notorious KINCORA child abuser and member of his "church"
He's sounding more like Gerry "I'm not a member of the IRA" Adams every day . . . birds of a feather!
Source: BBC NEWS
Link: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/northern_ireland/7162580.stm

Stormont discussed Paisley arrest
Last Updated: Friday, 28 December 2007, 09:09 GMT

Secret Public Record Office files from 1977 show senior Stormont officials believed Ian Paisley was associated with loyalist paramilitaries.

The remarks made by the officials reveal they considered arresting the now first minister for conspiracy.

Almost 400 confidential state papers from 30 years ago were released but 50 files remain closed.

Among them are documents relating to the economic activities of paramilitary organisations.

The remarks on Mr Paisley were recorded in the minutes of a conversation among senior Stormont officials during the United Ulster Action Council Strike.

It was suggested that the DUP leader should be arrested for conspiracy.

The documents also show that the military was ready to seize power stations if workers threatened a stoppage.

State papers released in the Irish Republic reveal that Lord Mountbatten, murdered by the IRA in 1979, was in favour of Irish unity.

Story from BBC NEWS:
Re: the article about no Paisley on the DUP new office team.
What do you think is behind such a public announcement?

Kindest Regards,

Mrs. O'Leary

Published: 2007/12/28 09:09:27 GMT



I have no idea at the minute what they are playing at. Though I can assure you everyone of them owes their political careers to the patronage of PopeLundy1.

Many of them have spent almost a lifetime grovelling around him.