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Sunday, 15 March 2009


The young Antichrist in his "Hitler Youth" uniform.

According to this "testing the water" story, there are ongoing plans for the Antichrist to visit the UK next year. The alleged reason for the visit is to propogate Babylonian superstitious practices.

I do not expect any opposition to be voiced against this proposed visit by any Unionist elected representative. Such a visit is to be dreaded. not welcomed with open arms or an indifferent silence.
The Antichrist roadshow 2010.

The Arrogant "Cardinal" Brady.

Babylonianism in N.Ireland showed its true domineering arrogance when Brady insisted the state should fund and provide for Roman Catholic schools.

If Roman Catholics want to have their own schools the Roman Catholic Church should be made to provide the neccessary finance for them. This should not be a problem when the wealth of the Vatican is considered.
We want our own schools, BUT we want you to pay for them!

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