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Tuesday, 17 March 2009


The much vaunted "new spirit of unity," shows its true face with this diatribe by IRA/MI5 Gerry Adams! "We will tell you how to do things!"

Former Pope Lundy1 gets worse with every utterance he makes. He now claims Marty`s life is on the line because of his "leadership." It is quite evident the lives of Marty and Gerry have never been on the line. They have been very carefully preserved by the Vatican intelligence services for decades.

It is very strange when you think back over all the years, he never praised Terence O`Neill, Brian Faulkner, Gerry Fitt, John Hume etc, they were all denounced as traitors, lundies, republican rebels etc.
Perhaps it is time for Unionists to call for a public enqury into the political analysis given by Ian Paisley and his henchmen over the last 40 years!

Just to show how the "new spirit of unity" has been instrumental in resisting
the latest (probably state sponsered) terror attacks is graphically illustrated by this recent revelation.

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