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Thursday, 24 November 2011


Owing to the downright ignorance and Apostacy of N.Ireland "Protestantism" the Jesuits can now openly flaunt the successes of their macabre machiavellian wickedness. Note the item on the Jesuit controlled VBC website about the Titanic. 

They are now publicly proclaiming the Jesuit photographer was on the ship taking photos.  They do not tell you he was there to take photos of the intended victims.  The Jesuit conveniently got off the ship at Queenstown, now called Cobh.  Even Wikipedia tells you he was ordered to "get off that ship" by his Jesuit superior.

Rest assured the "Orange Order" or none of the "Unionist" parties will be pointing any of this out.  They have all swallowed the Jesuit lies about the Titanic and everything else!

The Titanic did not sink, it was sunk!  Read all about it here!

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