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Monday, 21 November 2011


With this post I intend to bring about a situation which will lead to the death of an MI5 agent.  Approximately 1997 I received a message from PopeLundy1 who was then known as Ian Paisley apparently he had an urgent message for me.  When I went to see him he told me to be very careful as people were spreading rumours I was a paedophile.
He went on to say it originated in the N.Ireland Office NIO whch is where MI5 operated from at that time.

This is very clever as it destroys peoples credibility, costs nothing, there is no fuss like there is with a dead body or anything!  There is also a downside for the people behind the plan. 

All I have to do is identify one person who was spreading the rumours we shall call him Mr A, then find out where he heard the information from which will lead me to Mr B and so on and so on. MI5 will not want any trail of people leading them to an MI5 operative so they will obviously kill someone just to break the link.

Unfortunately for them I now have the identity of a Mr A. He just happens to be a committee man in the Pink Presbyterian Church.  Mr A is now going to regret the day he was ever born!  

I have already been to see Jim Allister`s office about this matter.  I will now inform the Pink Presbyterians of the identity of Mr. A  they better start looking into the matter, if they do not I will publish the name of Mr A on the internet for all to see. 

The strange thing is; about 6 weeks ago I was walking my dog at night and the Scumbag Dean McComb who I referred to in the last post called me a paedophile.  I just cannot stop wondering if MI5 are up to their old tricks again?       

There is a problem in N.Ireland which most people cannot grasp. The Protestant community do not need to fear the Roman Catholic communtity, they need to fear the malign intelligence agencies which set up and control  "para military groups."

The Roman Catholic comunity do not need to fear the Protestant community, they need to fear the malign intelligence agencies which set up and control "para military groups."

Ecclesiastes 3:3 A time to kill                      

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